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Definition and Examples of Adages in English

An adage is an ancient saying or maxim, brief and sometimes mysterious, that has become accepted as conventional wisdom. In classical rhetoric, an adage is also known as a rhetorical proverb or  paroemia. An adage—such as The early bird gets the worm—is a condensed and memorable expression. Often its a type of metaphor.It is sometimes claimed that the  expression old adage  is redundant, say the editors of the American Heritage Guide to Contemporary Usage and Style,inasmuch as a saying must have a certain tradition behind it to count as an adage in the first place. But the word adage  [from the Latin for I say] is first recorded in the phrase old adage, showing that this redundancy is itself very old. Pronunciation:  AD-ij Examples   Know thyself.Alls well that ends well.Out of nothing, nothing can come.Art lies in concealing the art.From flowers, bees make honey and spiders poison.A stitch in time saves nine.Not quantity, but quality.Make haste slowly.Physician, heal thyself.Respect thyself, if thou wouldst be respected by others.The people reign, the elite rule.Knowledge equals power.Love conquers all.If you want peace, prepare for war.Who will guard the guards?What hurts us instructs us.Whom the gods destroy they first make mad.Give your child to a slave, and instead of one slave you will have two.A great city is a great solitude.Carpe diem. (Seize the day.)Be mindful of dying.Better late than never.The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Adages and Cultural Values [C]onsider the cultural values that adages, or common sayings, express. What is meant by the American saying, Every man for himself? Does it reflect the idea that men, and not women, are the standard? Does it reflect individualism as a value? What is meant by The early bird catches the worm?Distinct values are expressed in adages from other cultures. What values are expressed in the Mexican proverb, He who lives a hurried life will soon die? How is this view of time different from dominant views of time in the United States? In Africa, two popular adages are The child has no owner and It takes a whole village to raise a child, and in China a common saying is No need to know the person, only the family (Samovar Porter, 2000). A Japanese adage states that it is the nail that sticks out that gets hammered down (Gudykunst Lee, 2002). What values are expressed by these sayings? How are they different from mainstream Western values and the language that embodies them?(Julia T. Wood, Inte rpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters, 7th ed. Wadsworth, 2013) Tools of Persuasion As indirect tools of persuasion, adages are understandably attractive to people who judge direct confrontation and criticism inappropriate in many contexts.(Ann Fienup-Riordan, Wise Words of the Yupik People. University of Nebraska Press, 2005) Age as a Part of Adage Dictionaries (with a single exception) affirm in one way or another that an adage is a long-established saying; therefore the old [in the expression old adage] is redundant. Incidentally, an expression that someone thought up yesterday is not an adage. To put it another way--and this is obvious--age is a part of adage. (Theodore M. Bernstein, The Careful Writer: A Modern Guide to English Usage. Simon Schuster, 1965) Safire on Adages Those of us who enjoy living in synonymy know that an adage is not quite as graven in collective wisdom as a proverb or a maxim; it is not as legalistic as a dictum or as scientific as an axiom or as sentimental as a homily or as corny as a saw, nor as formalized as a motto, but it is more rooted in tradition than an observation. (William Safire, Spread the Word. Times Books, 1999) The Adagia (Adages) of Desiderius Erasmus (1500; rev. 1508 and 1536) Erasmus was an avid collector of proverbs and aphorisms. He compiled all the expressions he could find in the works of the classical Greek and Latin authors he loved, and provided a brief history and explication for each one. When I considered the important contributions made to elegance and richness of style by brilliant aphorisms, apt metaphors, proverbs, and similar figures of speech, I made up my mind to collect the largest possible supply of such things. he wrote. So in addition to Know thyself, readers of Erasmuss Adages are treated to pithy accounts of the origins of such expressions as to leave no stone unturned, to cry crocodile tears, no sooner said than done, clothes make the man, and everyone thinks his own fart smells sweet. Erasmus added to and revised the book throughout his life, and by the time he died in 1536 he had collected and explained 4,151 proverbs. Erasmus intended the book to be a Bartletts Familiar Quotations for 16th-century after-dinner speakers: a resource for writers and public orators who wanted to spice up their speeches with well-placed quotes from the classics. (James Geary, The World in a Phrase: A Brief History of the Aphorism. Bloomsbury USA, 2005) Many hands make light work.Put the cart before the horseWalk the tightropeCall a spade a spadeBetween friends all is common.To die laughingLike father, like sonThe project of the Adages, like many manuals published in the 16th century, was to harvest all possible vestiges of antiquity and put them at the disposal of scholars. In this particular case, Erasmus sought to collect and explain proverbs, aphorisms, ï ¬ gurative expressions, all sorts of more or less enigmatic sayings. . . . An adage is like a bud that contains the latent promise of a flower, an enigmatic expression, a mystery to unravel. The ancients veiled their messages, deposited clues to their culture in their language; they wrote in code. The modern reader breaks the code, opens the coffers, takes out the secrets and publishes them, even at the risk of altering their force. The author of Adages [Erasmus] acted as an intermediary, made a profession of displaying and multiplying. So it was normal that his book, both cornucopia and organ of distribution, would operate with centrifugal dynamics. (Michel Jeanneret, Perpetual Motion: Transforming Shapes in the Renaissance from Da Vinci to Montaigne, 1997. Translated by Nidra Poller. The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001) The Lighter Side of Adages: George Burns and Gracie Allen Special Agent Timothy McGee: I think its time you get back on that horse.Special Agent Ziva David: Youre getting a pony?Special Agent Timothy McGee: Its an adage.Special Agent Ziva David: I am not familiar with that breed.(Sean Murray and Cote de Pablo in Identity Crisis. NCIS, 2007)

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Leadership, By Stephen P. Robbins And Timothy A - 1573 Words

Leadership According to Stephen P. Robbins and Timothy A. Judge book; Essential of Organizational behavior, leadership is a process and the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of a vision, set and attends to a common goal within its group context. I will not argue against that description. However, I have heard that Hitler could be identified as a great leader, and that made me wonder what definite a leader in a leadership role. Therefore, in this paper, I will reflect on what I have learned about leadership in this class, where I stand in the leadership spectrum, and what does my result tells me about the kind of leadership role I may have. Traits As it was written on one of the class slides, a leader can change the way people think about what is possible. In other words, it can be suggested that leaders have certain traits that allows them to possess or cultivate leadership characteristics. When the â€Å"Great Man† theories was presented during the early 1990s, it focused on identifying innate qualities and characteristics that many great social, political, and military leaders possessed. This leadership traits approach is one of the first methodical attempts to study what leaders possess, which ultimately concluded but not fully determine as the only traits needed. These traits are intelligence, self-confidence, determination, integrity and sociability. As to where I stand in this trait spectrum, I know that I have determination, integrity and sociability.Show MoreRelatedLeadership Is A Critical And Valuable Component1708 Words   |  7 PagesLeadership is a critical and valuable component to both organizational the ory and behavior as, it assists the organization in accomplishing missions, values, goals and practices that are expected and desired. Leadership as defined, â€Å"is the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of a vision or set of goals,† (Robbins, Stephen P., Judge, Timothy A. 2011). Leadership is diverse and may look different based on multiple factors that may include type of organization, the mission of thatRead MoreOrganization Behavior Analysis Report on Singapore Airlines3808 Words   |  16 Pages............................................................................................. 4 Organization Culture ............................................................................................................................. 6 Leadership ............................................................................................................................................ 7 Conflict ....................................................... .....................................Read MoreCreate A Plan1072 Words   |  5 Pagesby and refer to in times of questioning (Robbins Judge, 2011). Business Plan The functional team has elected the human resources associate as the team’s leader. This individual will make sure the team adheres to the group norms will be fair and impartial and maintain the teams’ motivation by reminding the team of the ultimate goals. Each team member has his or her own motivation for accepting and completing the project. The allocation of roles (Robbins Judge) will be determined by the teamRead MoreCase Study - The Woodson School Essay717 Words   |  3 Pagesconflict. Members accept the existence of the group but resist the constraints it imposes on individuality. There is conflict over who will control the group. When this stage is complete, there will be a relatively clear hierarchy of leadership within the group† (Robbins 275). In order for all three parties to move forward in the development process, they need to establish an executive team who will be able to define the hierarchy of the group while incorporating each participantsâ €™ background and experiencesRead Moreself assessement Essay1227 Words   |  5 Pageshuman behavior by leaders 1.5 Leadership self-evaluation/self-assessment 1.6 The benefits of self- assessment/self-evaluation to leaders today. 1.1 INTRODUCTION Organisations are made up of people and people are a huge asset to any organization. To be more successful in achieving their goal and objectives; organisations needs to have an understanding about their human assets, their behavior, tendencies, best practice etc..† Leadership is the ability of one personRead MoreAutonomy in Workplace Essays657 Words   |  3 Pagesparticipation are needed to succeed. Autonomy is defined as the degree to which a job provides substantial freedom, independence, and discretion to the individual in scheduling the work and in determining the procedures to be used in carrying it out (Robbins Judge 2009). Managers do not easily relinquish their authority and decision making capabilities; however, over time employees earn their manager’s trust and can readily make certain decisions. Utilizing autonomy in the workplace should make employeesRead MoreOrganization Profile1023 Words   |  5 Pagesself-evaluation or self-assessment. It refers to the influences of how an organization operates; it is a snapshot of your group (Wilson, 387). In this paper, I will analyze some exercises that are related to the organizational profile. A). Organizational Profile P. 1 Organizational Description My organization is a privately owned corporation. I am the chief executive officer though I am assisted by other functional managers and shop floor staff in running this organization. A).ORGANIZATIONAL ENVIRONMENT 1. Product/Read MoreLeadership Theory Essay1830 Words   |  8 PagesLeadership 1. Definition of leadership and how it differs from management. Leadership and management are two words that are commonly mistaken; the relation and the differences between them are often unclear. Leadership can be defined as „the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of a vision or a set of goals. Managers are there to plan, organize, lead and monitor employees activities. Leaders also have to be able to guide an organization through change. As we will see laterRead MoreDiscuss the Role of the Supervisor in Organizational Planning and Explain the Benefits If Any to the Subordinate, the Supervisor and the Organization1668 Words   |  7 Pagesof the business with her father Mr. Amos Holford over the past two years and will assume full responsibility for leadership of the company upon his retirement. She has a team of supervisors whose length of tenure with the business exceeds her own involvement with One Stop Production, and in general employees have performed the same functions from the business’ inception. The leadership styles of Susan and her father differ drastically. Motivated by her intention to manage the business in a differentRead MoreCulture, Power Politics1527 Words   |  7 Pagesusing the simple structure is that it is simple. One person normally calls the shots and takes full responsibility for the businesses success and failure. â€Å"It’s fast, flexible, and inexpensive to maintain, and accountability is clear† (Judge Robbins, 2007, p.546). Unfortunately, using simple structure as an organizational design limits the business of its full potential, as it grows, it becomes more difficult for one individual to oversee the daily operation and make quick executive decisions. Once

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Social Issues in Sociology Ideas

Social Issues in Sociology Ideas Quality healthcare is a social issue that leads to problems for people who dwell in urban environments. Possessing both sites wasn't beneficial and was confusing. I've been involved ever since. Besides teen pregnancy, there are a large number of important identified social issues in the USA today. There is a particular fragility of revenue and social position in France. All information, contact and products are going to be in 1 address. The conditions of his entrance into placement was extraordinary. It turned out to be a prosperous morning. A lot of my Hubs are favorites of mine for unique factors. Waiting and hoping I will fall. I am hoping I'm doing the proper thing,'' she explained. My name is Ealisa Adams and I'm a freelance writer for assorted online websites. Various individuals may hold different and strongly-held views, which aren't easily changed. People from otherwise excellent backgrounds are more inclined to draw sympathy than people that have more troubled histories. In some regions, it seems to have gotten worse. Social Issues in Sociology Secrets Education is potentially the most important component in someone's success in society. Nonprofit organizations are often formed for the only purpose of solving a social matter. Social problems often involve issues that impact the actual world. They are issues or problems that may affect the people in a society, no matter it is directly or indirectly, and social problems are mainly related to moral values. It's through the study of sociology which our whole outlook on several facets of crime has change. The fantastic strength of Habermas's early work is it treats the growth of media as an essential part of the formation of the modern-day societies. It increases the understanding of the society. This scientific understanding of human society is necessary in order to attain progress in many fields. In fact, the majority of people also think that racism is developed through a couple of outcomes. This term was defined in a variety of fields of studies like in psychology and sociology. The social phenomenon is currently understood in the light of scientific wisdom and enquiry. Functionalism interprets each component of society with respect to the way that it contributes to the stability of the entire society. The Benefits of Social Issues in Sociology The country has a ways to go when it has to do with discrimination. For instance, a high unemployment rate which affects millions of people is a social matter. Everyone deserves a good education. The main reason for social problems is due to unemployment, which is additionally a social problem itself. By contrast, Republicans are more inclined to feel that government shouldn't be accountable for financial equality. The front page news was not excellent. To mention every social issue is beyond the reach of this lesson, but we'll look at a few examples of social problems that are recognized and important problems in the USA today. I'm not the only one contemplating the problem of cheating. The Ugly Secret of Social Issues in Sociology Typically, 300,000 or more people all around the world take part in the Microsoft Solitaire events which take place four or five times weekly. My passion is helping different individuals make a modest additional cash online. If only a few individuals are speaking out against it, then it isn't a social matter. When many folks dwell in urban environments for work opportunities, unemployment is still an issue in lots of them. This is a step that's being taken to be able to try to get around the occurrence of this social issue. If I am only able to work out the tracker system so that I can begin making referrals which will be awesome. A social problem is normally a term used to refer to problems with a specific area or group of men and women in the world. Throughout the life program, there are social problems connected with various ages.

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Digital Innovation in Business Organization

Question: Discuss about theDigital Innovation in Business Organization. Answer: Introduction The report depicts the importance of planning and implementation of digital innovations in a business organization. The knowledge and skills that are required to lead the progress of the work are demonstrated in this report. In light of the given scenario, for mitigating the issue those are continuously affecting the business process, a digital solution in terms of Information System has been developed for the organization. Different relevant processes, such as the operational, budgetary and procurement based planning are illustrated in this report. Apart from the digital innovations the report also elaborates the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders and other working employees. In order to provide a new integrated solution along with the existing solution, the parallel training and coaching programs that are required to support the project team are also elaborated in this report. The features of the proposed digital solution i.e. an integrated Information System is demonstrated here. The workplace strategies and business operations that an information system could serve are mentioned. In addition to this, the purpose of training and development are also explained in here. Analysis of Planning for the Selection and Implementation of Digital Solution In order to plan for the selection and implementation of a digital solution for the business organization, the team leader and the top management team should concentrate and focus on the basic requirements of digital innovation (Hejazi, Halpin and Biggs 2014). The basic needs for the business process includes IT infrastructure, software tools, hardware tools and network support. Depending on the need of digital innovation the team leader has represented an Information System in terms of SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution. The management team of the business organization has accepted the digital solution as; the proposed solution has met almost all the requirements of the clients and the business process also (Raja 2014). Now, the team leader is required to go through certain other requirements such as the budgetary, procurement and business operations of the SAP ERP solution. In order to select the most suitable solution for the organization many digital innovations are evaluated by the project team such as electronic commerce, mobile commerce or mobile application, ERP and many other information systems (Umar et al. 2016). After analysis and considering all the digital innovations SAP ERP has found to be best solution for the business organization. Identification of the Features of the Digital System Flexibility: It provides a highly flexible, reliable and clear digital solution to both the consumers and the business organization as well. As SAP is panned and developed, based on the 4th generation programming language and the system application uses Graphical User Interface (GUI), therefore, it is referred to as more efficient than any other digital innovations (Fosso wamb and Edwards 2014). Most of the large organizations use SAP ERP for their business progress though before implementing the solution, a feasibility study in terms of cost benefit analysis and Return on Investment is needed to be done. It helps to understand the beneficial aspects of a business organization. Security: Another important aspect of SAP ERP is its security. It provides a highly secured solution to the users and to the organization (Seo 2013). The confidential information regarding the consumers and other employees that are stored in the data storage are secured enough and none of the unauthenticated users could access the data from the storage. The SAP solution could be deployed as Software as a Service (SaaS), on premises and sometimes on demand. Procurement processes: With the help of procurement processes the cost of the digital innovation could be management rather it can be said that it offers a hybrid solution to the business organization that helps to enhance the business revenue growth (Weng and Hung 2014). Customers focused: The SAP ERP solution is customer focused it means that based on the need of the consumers the solution is generally developed. Moreover, from the Human Resource Management team it receives a quality assistance and career management as well (Panayiotou et al. 2015). The solution serves customer satisfaction and reduces the number of employee turnover also. Inventory management system: In order to develop an integrated digital solution, the material and products that are needed to run a business should be highly efficient (Bernroider, Wong and Lai 2014). Correct procurement could drive a business process towards positive business advantages. Identification of the Strategies for Integrating the Solution in Workplace An organization should strictly follow some business strategies before implementing the integrated digital solution. The strategies include de-centralized analysis, modeling and implementation of the business process, centralized analysis of the business process and harmonized model designing and implementation (Denolf et al. 2015). The business strategies that are needed t be maintained re as follows: In house development of multiple systems: In order to develop an isolated system certain functions such as sales and product distribution, selling and buying processes are required to be traced. For account management the functional limitations should be overcome by the development team (Seo 2013). It will help to increase the business growth. Sometimes it become difficult to monitor and trace the business progress, therefore, in the workplaces the management team must focus on these aspects. Role played by the stakeholders of the business organization Name of the stakeholder Role play Project manager The project manager of the organization must control and monitor the entire progress. Team leader The project team leader should motivate other fellow project team members so that they feel more focused to their job role (Panayiotou et al. 2015). Business analyst The business analyst analyzes the project. Particularly, in this scenario, SAP R/3 ERP solution is developed by the project team to mitigate the issues. Finance manager From the initiation phase up to the implementation phase the finance manager should monitors the cost and estimation. ERP package implementation and selection of partners: Two things that are mainly required to be focused include the dedicated team comprising and specification of the user requirements (Raj and Seetharaman 2014). A balanced score card must be used by the business organizations to increase the revenue growth. Project initiation planning: In the project initiation phase the cost benefit analysis must be implemented to understand the feasibility of the project (Schniederjans and Yadav 2013). If it is found to be beneficial then only the digital solution could be implemented in the real world application and if not then additional features are required to be added to the existing process. Infrastructure development: As the business process is based on digital innovation, thus the information Technology infrastructure is the main thing that is needed to be considered by the development team to increase the business growth. Database and the Operating System are the main things that are needed to be considered by the development team (Fosso wamba and Edwards 2014). The information that is related to the employees and consumers should be kept secured, so that the external users could not hack the data from the data storage without the permission of the authenticated users. Backup and disaster recovery: The backup data and disaster recovery are another aspects that should be maintained by the development team while developing an IS in the workplace. If the organization needs to access any old data then that could be accessed efficiently (Weng and Hung 2014). On the other hand, if any data get lost from the data storage then with the help of disaster recovery that data could be retrieved again and also can be used appropriately. Identification and Explanation of the Relevance Policy and Procedure of Business Application While planning and implementing a digital innovation for the business organization, the application of all relevance policies and the utilization of the digital media by the employees are also needed to be maintained (Denolf et al. 2015). In order to protect the business properties, proper business policies and procedures are required to be adapted by the business organization. While the business organization exchange the information among the stakeholders it has been found that, sometimes the intellectual properties are getting theft by external attackers (Seo 2013). Digital media acts as a platform, where the employee and the users could interact with each other quite efficiently. Not only this but also, for business promotion, the digital media widely used by the business organization. In addition to this, certain other policies that are required to be maintained are as follows: Digital media policy: During promotion, advertisement, and endorsement of the business process the digital properties and other assets are required to keep secured by using encryption technology (Bernroider, Wong and Lai 2014). Encryption will help to keep the data security and except than proper decryption even the information receiver will also not be able to access the data from the storage. Intellectual property policy: It includes the invention, copyright, business trademarks and other tangible research properties. These assets are needed to keep safe so that the unauthenticated and external users could not access data. IT security policy: As the project is based on SAP ERP, thus proper IT infrastructure is required to be maintained to keep the data security. Need of Training and Development for the Team Members The rapid development of internet technology and digital innovation is increasing the level of complexity of the business processes. Every aspect of the technological development is needed to be maintained by the team members in order to apply the technologies in appropriate fields (Teittinen et al. 2013). Proper training and development program will correlate the employees with different new technological advances. These things are essential in the workplace to increase the revenue structure (Tarhini, Ammar and Tarhini 2015). In order to address the organizational weaknesses and to maintain the business consistencies training and development are found to be very helpful. In addition to this, training improves the performance of the employees. Even the level of employee satisfaction also increases by using the training and development program. Analysis on Conducting a Training and Coaching Communication Processes The company is required to maintain open communication so that the project team leader and the fellow team members feel free to communicate with each other (Supramaniam, Abdullah and Ponnan 2014). Open communication is referred to as a business tool that is generally used by the business organizations to increase the efficiency and business effectiveness. With the help of open communication the needs that could be reached are as follows: Organizational goal: The open communication helps to achieve the business goal very efficiently (Raj and Seetharaman 2014). The values and vision of the upper level management team could be easily understood by the employees and it helps to meet the pre determined goal of the organization. Improvement: The traditional policies could be developed if an organization conducts open communication. The ideas generated from all employees including the managers could be merged together to form a creative and innovative integrated system. The SAP ERP system is very much effective for overall business improvement (Schniederjans and Yadav 2013). Additionally the risk assessment processes also become easier after the implementation of ERP solution. The communication could understand the additional requirement of the consumers and to meet that requirements the open communication is found to be very effective. Purpose of Training and Development for Operation Success For the business operational success a business organizations should arrange training and development programs. It could serve the below benefits: The morale of the employees could be improved Less supervision Less number of risks will arise The productivity will increase Conclusion From the overall discussion it can be concluded that the team leader of the business organization has suggested a SAP ERP based Information System (IS) to improve the existing business process. After analyzing different Information System it has been found that SAP ERP is the most beneficial solution. The existing business operation could be developed after adapting the ERP solution. The solution ensures the success of the business by planning, development and implementation of the ERP solution. The security policies, features and purpose of implementing integrated information system in the business organization are also demonstrated in this report. Apart from this, the effectiveness of the strategies, in the workplace operations and the requirement of training and development program, for the working employees are demonstrated in this report. References Babu, M.P. and Sastry, S.H., 2014, June. Big data and predictive analytics in ERP systems for automating decision making process. InSoftware Engineering and Service Science (ICSESS), 2014 5th IEEE International Conference on(pp. 259-262). IEEE. Bernroider, E.W., Wong, C.W. and Lai, K.H., 2014. From dynamic capabilities to ERP enabled business improvements: The mediating effect of the implementation project.International Journal of Project Management,32(2), pp.350-362. Denolf, J.M., Trienekens, J.H., Wognum, P.N., van der Vorst, J.G. and Omta, S.O., 2015. Towards a framework of critical success factors for implementing supply chain information systems.Computers in Industry,68, pp.16-26. FOSSO WAMBA, S. and Edwards, A., 2014. Joint Effect of Organizational Identity and Trust on ERP Implementation Success: A Longitudinal Case Study. Hejazi, S.S., Halpin, A.L. and Biggs, W.D., 2014. Using SAP ERP technology to integrate the undergraduate business curriculum.Developments in Business Simulation and Experiential Learning,30. Panayiotou, N.A., Gayialis, S.P., Evangelopoulos, N.P. and Katimertzoglou, P.K., 2015. A business process modeling-enabled requirements engineering framework for ERP implementation.Business Process Management Journal,21(3), pp.628-664. Raj, J.R. and Seetharaman, A., 2014. Business Issues in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation.East Asian Journal of Business Economics,2, pp.9-25. Raja, N., 2014. Study on perspectives of enterprise resource planning ERP practitioners on emerging trends with reference to Indian functional consultants of Oracle ans SAP ERP applications. Ram, J., Corkindale, D. and Wu, M.L., 2013. Implementation critical success factors (CSFs) for ERP: Do they contribute to implementation success and post-implementation performance?.International Journal of Production Economics,144(1), pp.157-174. Schniederjans, D. and Yadav, S., 2013. Successful ERP implementation: an integrative model.Business Process Management Journal,19(2), pp.364-398. Seo, G., 2013.Challenges in implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in large organizations: similarities and differences between corporate and university environment(Doctoral dissertation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Supramaniam, M., Abdullah, A. and Ponnan, R., 2014. Cost Analysis on ERP System Implementation amongst Malaysian SMEs.International Journal of Trade, Economics and Finance,5(1), p.72. Tarhini, A., Ammar, H. and Tarhini, T., 2015. Analysis of the critical success factors for enterprise resource planning implementation from stakeholders perspective: A systematic review.International Business Research,8(4), p.25. Teittinen, H., Pellinen, J. and Jrvenp, M., 2013. ERP in actionChallenges and benefits for management control in SME context.International Journal of Accounting Information Systems,14(4), pp.278-296. Umar, M., Khan, N., Agha, M.H. and Abbas, M., 2016. SAP-ERP Implementation: Change Management Model using Qualitative Approach.International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security (IJCSNS),16(6), p.9. Weng, F. and Hung, M.C., 2014. Competition and challenge on adopting cloud ERP.International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology,5(4), p.309.

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6 Ways Older Job Seekers Can Overcome Age Bias

6 Ways Older Job Seekers Can Overcome Age Bias Individuals who are older know that they have a lot to offer, and using that to their advantage can help them find a job. Whether looking for a part-time or full-time job, working adds to an individual’s sense of purpose and adds extra income. Knowing what employers are looking for can help an older worker land a job.   1.Demonstrate Your Work EthicAn individual who has been at one job for a number of years shows that he or she has a strong work ethic. This is one of the most important traits a worker can offer these days when younger workers commonly flit from job to job. Sticking with one job shows dedication and this is appreciated. Companies do not want to train workers and then have them leave to take positions with other companies. Older workers who are committed to staying on the job are more likely to be hired than those who do not express this commitment.  2.Show Off Your SkillsThe majority of employers know that older workers have a lot of experience and have dev eloped valuable skills over the years. This makes older workers an asset to a company. Much of this knowledge comes from being employed in a particular field and cannot be duplicated by younger workers. By letting a potential employer become aware of these skills along with the willingness to help train younger workers in the nuances of a field, an older worker shows what a valuable asset he or she would be to a job.  3.Keep Up to DateTechnology changes quickly and an older worker may not have kept up with the latest advances. In fields where workers operate computers, honing computer skills and adding the ability to operate new programs lets an older worker show that he or she is a viable candidate for a job. In other fields, keeping up with the latest in advances lets those who have worked as pharmacists, accountants or in health care jobs maintain up-to-date skills. Highlight those skills to show you will be an asset to the company.  4.Be Flexible in Work SchedulesOlder worke rs usually have the option to be more flexible in work hours, unlike younger employees. While younger persons are busy outside of work with children and the demands they entail, older workers can use the fact that their children are grown and gone to their advantage.  5.Communication Skills Are ImportantThe ability to solve problems and communicate effectively are some of the things employers look for in older workers. One way for an individual to demonstrate that skill is through a cover letter and resume. Almost half of employers say they want older employees who are good at spelling and grammar. This is a simple but effective way to express that skill. As far as problem solving and critical thinking skills, include problems that you solved and accomplishments you made in other jobs as part your resume.  6.Look Where Jobs Are NeededSavvy, older individuals look first at what job markets are hiring the most workers and aim their skills where they are needed. Health care, financ e, education, nonprofits and small- or medium-sized businesses are likely to employ older workers for their education, experience and know-how.  Skills and know-how are important when looking for a new job, and so is the ability to do a job search. TheJobNetwork can help by doing the footwork for you, freeing your time for other things. Sign up for our job match alert and fill out an application, listing your skills and type of job you want. You can do a job search in two different ways. You can search yourself if you like. However, TheJobNetwork searches listings that match your description around the clock and sends those job opportunities to you as soon as they become available. That way, you don’t miss any opportunities to get just the job you want.

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The poem the City Planners Essays

The poem the City Planners Essays The poem the City Planners Paper The poem the City Planners Paper Essay Topic: The Poems Of Margaret Atwood In the poem the ‘City Planners’ and ‘Where I come from’ by Margaret Atwood and Elizabeth Brewster respectively, the poets use metaphors, imagery and use of negative as well as positive diction to describe the influence of the People over nature and animal kingdom. Atwood uses furious and resented tone and diction to describe the people, ‘city planners’ as selfish people who only care about personal gain. Whereas in ‘Where I come from’, the poet thinks that people are made of places and they behave according to the place they live in and treat nature and their surroundings accordingly. Both poems have themes of ‘organized life of people and nature’, which emphasizes the power of the people forcing it. In the City planners the poet presents the character of the planners as â€Å"political conspirators† that emphasizes their strength. This conveys a sense that everything in the city is controlled by them, even nature. Due to their actions the life in Singapore is like a list and this point is proven by the use of colons after the word ‘sanitary’ in the first stanza. This foreshadows the theme of organized life of people and nature. Sanitary trees, assert Levelness of surface like a rebuke This line gives an effect to the reader that everything is perfect in the city. There is a use of oxymoron to describe the trees, as trees cannot be sanitary. The use of oxymoron suggests that everything that is generally imperfect is the opposite in this city; every thing is perfect; even nature makes sense. This creates a very boring mood in the city as there is nothing very phenomenal and therefore the city isn’t very exciting. It also suggests that nature under control and it isn’t allowed to be insane. Simile is used in this line to compare the asserter of the trees to level the surface, to a rebuke. Here too, the imperfect surface is made level, forcefully by the ‘sane trees’ that were, ironically, forced to be perfect as well. Atwood considers this as a criticism to the surface. Than the rational whine of the power mower cutting a straight swath in the discouraged grass. This line too, suggests the similar idea of nature being controlled. The word ‘cutting’ gives an effect that nature is being made perfect and sane. The use of the diction ‘discouraged’ suggests as if nature does not want to become perfect and sane but it does not have the power to overcome the ‘city planners’. An example of the similar idea is seen when the poet uses the word â€Å"power† in front of the mower. The word power foreshadows the idea of ‘everything in the city having power, except for nature’. The same slant of avoidance to the hot sky. The people also ignore disorganized nature that the city planners cannot change. This can be seen clearly when, â€Å"the same slant of avoidance to the hot sky† is mentioned. In this line the houses avoiding the sun are a metaphor for the people. The poet uses a deeper layer to the meaning by using the houses as a metaphor. The metaphor suggests that the people in Singapore are ‘planned’ to avoid imperfectness. They are planned to avoid insane and irregular nature just like the life of animals and people are planned and organized. When the houses, capsized, will slide obliquely into the clay seas, gradual as glaciers that right now nobody notices. In this stanza, the poet uses enjambment in order to speed up the poem. The lines in this stanza suggest that, even after the city’s perfection it will end in ruins. The use the words, ‘into the clay seas’ give an ironic suggestion that the imperfection shall remain, but not the perfect cities. In the poem ‘Where I come from’, the poet symbolizes her past and uses metaphors to convey her feelings towards nature and the animals. She is of the opinion that people are ‘made’ of places such as forests, mountains etc. This, like the colons in the first poem, is used to foreshadow her opinion towards the people living in different areas and nature. Nature tidily plotted in little squares with a fountain in the center; museum smell, art also tidily plotted with a guidebook; In these lines a similar idea of nature being controlled by people is seen. The use and repetition of the diction ‘tidily plotted’ is used to create an atmosphere of perfection in the city and it is emphasized by the repetition. The word ‘plotted’ suggests that people do not allow nature to grow randomly. They force it to grow in a specific way. The word â€Å"guidebook† is a metaphor for the lives of the people. It conveys a sense of being very organized and precise. It sounds as if the people know what is going to happen in their future as they have a fixed timetable. It also suggests that nature has to follow this timetable too. This idea is also seen in ‘the City Planners’ when the poet uses diction such as ‘same avoidance of the hot sun’. She idealizes her childhood memories of the past. She states that in the countryside the people are very different from those in the city. Here, nature is not considered to be subservient that can be clearly seen when the poet conveys how nature is not controlled, â€Å"blueberry batches in burnt out bush†, â€Å"with yards where hens and chickens circle about, clucking aimlessly; battered schoolhouses behind which violets grow. † . The word â€Å"burnt† is effective because is conveys a sense of not being controlled. This suggests that people in the countryside do not replace nature; they simply give them time for growing once again. The line, â€Å"Battered school houses behind which violets grow† also emphasizes the freedom of nature in the countryside. The use of imagery, â€Å"violets†, growing behind the â€Å"battered† schoolhouses suggests that nature can grow anywhere beautifully and its real beauty is shown when it is allowed to grow randomly. The poets of both the poems think that nature is being controlled by modern society. Atwood blames the city planners as the reason behind this whereas Brewster believes that common people in the city are also blamed for controlling nature and thinks that people behave differently according to the place they live in.

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Roles And Functions Of Law - Essay Example Businesses, for instance, benefit from contractual laws that govern the running and succession of the business. If the business owner wants to sell the business, the processes are very clear and simple to adhere. Compensation laws also aid in making the businessmen lives more conducive. Rules on investments are also very clear; thus, making the lives of the businessmen less complicated. Functions and role of law to a lawyer. In the field of law, Wendel says that he has done more than enough to ensure that lawyers operate within the specified rules and regulations of the field. This is from the verify that as a lawyer, I need guiding principles on all aspects that concern my job. This is both on a social and certified angle. It would automatically not be probable with the weight of my job to act without regulations and rules. My job necessitates acting within the lines of suitability and what is not satisfactory. Additionally, my job is also bound by forms of injustices and justices t hat can only be cleared with the application and proper appliance of laws, so as to take steps in agreement to the law’s prospects. Devoid of the rules, it is almost palpable that the crime levels will automatically augment on a higher scale. Human nature is prone to atrocities and numerous evils of criminal actions. Criminals and other persons with no good sense of reasoning are indeed not spared by the law. Protection of individuals is an obvious responsibility of the law, in business and in the society in general.